How I Got Here

I’m Dr. Janet Williams. And I’ve Been There, Too.

After a painful fertility journey that left wounds in my self-worth I struggled with my sexual health. Drowning alone in silence, I wrestled with changes in my body, hormone problems, intimate pain, fear about aging and loss of libido.

I wanted to revive passion in my life and live with love and connection.

As an Ob/Gyn with over 20 years in clinical practice I understood the physical and hormonal changes in my body and how to address them. But, I didn’t realize that pushing through at work, internalizing microaggressions and putting other people’s needs and beliefs before my own was blocking my sensual freedom.

I’d been so focused on family and career that I’d lost a sense of myself and the soulful sensual being that lives inside all of us. I wanted to find myself again but wasn’t sure how to do that.

I decided enough was enough and set out on a path of restoration.

Pleasure Requires Science, Heart & Soul

So many women unnecessarily experience discomfort, feel ashamed, live in pain, and reject intimacy. They don’t understand how to navigate the changes in their bodies, and they haven’t healed the emotional wounds blocking their path.

To flourish in my sensual life I had to find support that was science based, culturally relevant, acknowledged my heritage, AND nurtured my soul and intuition.

Sadly, most doctors aren’t trained to address sexual and hormonal concerns, and those who are rarely have the time to truly help you.

Many religious communities and spiritual leaders ignore, shame, or exclude this conversation, often adding hypocrisy and corruption to the mix.

Whether we like to admit it or not, our culture is still grappling with bias, contempt, and prejudice against women. Outdated views on women’s roles and ridiculous beauty standards make it even harder to find the right support for our sexual lives.

Healing Begins Here

It’s not your fault. The medical field hasn’t done enough research to fully support women with hormonal changes, menopause, and sexual health. Emotional wounds, hormonal shifts, and unmet needs can leave you feeling stuck, triggered, and disconnected from your sensuality.

Our society often looks down on women who are bold and embrace their sexuality. This has disconnected us from our divine sensuality. That’s why you might feel uncomfortable and like an outsider in your own body. These feelings can be intensified by health challenges, grief, perimenopause and menopause, breakups, separation, or divorce.

Don’t let anything or anyone rob you of the sensual life you deserve.

Unless you take action, these physical and emotional blocks will keep affecting your sex life and your ability to experience true pleasure.

You can overcome these sensual roadblocks just like I did.

It’s time to heal, revive your sensual joy, and feel at home in your own skin.