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Hello Hot Flash Podcast:

December 2022

In this episode, Dr. Janet breaks down the many physical changes that occur in women’s bodies as we mature—and what we can do to maintain strong sexual health despite these transformations.

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Go Hard Chick Podcast:

December 2022

Dr. Janet talks with host Kristal Holmes the ‘Go Hard Chick’ and breaks down why you might not like sex anymore and how to love it again.

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The Doctor Whisperer Podcast and Facebook Show: November 2022

OBGYN, Dr. Janet Williams, wants us to get our sexual groove back! Listen here and watch here

Dez Experience Podcast: October 2022 

In this episode of the Dez Experience Podcast Dr. Janet Williams discusses why she wrote the book Why Don’t I Like Sex Anymore, the common issues that women face with sex and sexuality, sexual pain, what an intimate life coach is and more!

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First Things First with Dominique Duprima Radioshow and Podcast: September 2022

In this episode Dr. Janet Williams discusses the importance of a self care regimen, dealing with frenemies, body shaming, self love and so much more! Listen here

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