Looking For Pleasure?

You’ve Come to the Right Place

Sexual wellness coaching with Dr. Janet Williams, board-certified Ob/Gyn.


Overcome your mental and physical pains.


Speak up and ask for what you really want.


Finally, regain your self-confidence.

Dr. Janet Williams

What You’re Going Through Is Normal.

You may be:

    • Doubting yourself and questioning why you feel the way you do.
    • Having a hard time or rejecting intimacy altogether.
    • Feeling pain or discomfort and thinking “that’s just how it’ll be from now on”.
    • Losing your self-confidence and staying silent in your discomfort.

I’m Dr. Janet Williams. And I’ve Been There, Too.

Women come to my practice experiencing discomfort, feeling ashamed, living in pain and rejecting intimacy because they don’t understand or know how to deal with the changes in their bodies.

And guess what? I was once there too.

I’ve also experienced the challenges of sexual wellness and a less than straightforward fertility journey that left wounds in my self-worth.

As a board-certified Ob/Gyn, I decided enough was enough. So I developed the Sexual Wellness Intensive to give you the tools to overcome these obstacles and feel at home in your own skin.

To seek the pleasure you deserve regardless of your race, age, or background.

Let’s dive in.

The Sexual Wellness Intensive Is a Deep Dive Into Your Mental and Physical Blocks to Pleasure

The first step in all formats of the program is your 20-minute complimentary discovery call. We will discuss your current state, understand your pain points, and identify what may be going on.

From there, you can select the plan that best fits your needs.

Now, time to explore what each program entails:

Confident Pleasure Coaching Program: This 3 month program is an enjoyable, in-depth and hands-on path to your sexual pleasure transformation.

This program consists of discovery filled one-on-one sessions with Dr. Janet. You will meet biweekly to identify and explore physical and emotional areas of intimacy congestion, build your pleasure toolbox and reach your intimate life goals. 

Your 3 month program includes:

Pre-Intensive Questionnaire and Sexual Function Assessment Tool

Quick Start Gift Pack which includes:

  • Good Groove Journal
  • Hands-free LED Self Exam Mirror
  • Custom curated product samples
  • Self-Care Ritual Guide
  • Personal Pleasure Manifesto © pdf

Bespoke Education around the specific challenges identified during your sessions. Dr. Janet will walk you through the enlightening Core Pleasure Modules and relevant Elective Pleasure Modules to help you break free and take ownership of your pleasure.

Personal Coaching to:

  • Uncover areas of Intimacy Congestion
  • Identify your Sexual Health Belief Systems
  • Determine your Self-Love Score
  • Identify stressors that affect your sexual health
  • Define, own and create a personalized plan to pursue your erotic choices

Bi-weekly assignments tailored to your needs to help you make progress between sessions.

A $300 gift voucher to Intimate Wellness Shop with custom recommendations based on your intensive journey. (IntimateWellnessShop.com is the premier source for doctor curated intimate and sexual care products).

Core Pleasure Modules:

1. Mind Your Vibe and Address the Stress:  Identify stressors that affect your sexual health.

2. Mind-Body-Spirit: Meditation, breathwork and affirmations for intimate growth.

3. Sensual Movement Workshop: Utilizes principles of pelvic floor anatomy, pilates, Qi gong and African dance to stimulate positive intimate physical energy and flow.

4. Body Balance: Personal Anatomy and Pleasure Mapping exercises. Behavioral tools to counteract common diagnoses or physical changes in perimenopause and menopause that may be impacting your sexual life. Self Pleasure and Orgasm Education.

5. Find Your Fit and Build Your Toolbox: Defining, owning and pursuing your erotic choices. Review of relevant treatments, products and services to build the toolbox.

6. Doctor Collaboration and Self- advocacy: Untangle the complex language your doctor speaks and step back on track with your sexual health.

Elective Pleasure Modules:

1. More Techniques for Pleasure: Designed to expand on your “go to” moves, this session explores specific methods of arousal and stimulation to uplevel your experience.

2. Marijuana, CBD and Sex: Understand the science, potential risks and benefits of marijuana and CBD on your sex life.

3. Hormones Explained: Finally understand how hormones affect your health and pleasure, why they might change over time and your options to get them back in harmony.

4. Black Woman Magic: An educational and healing session for black identifying women. Designed to fortify self-love and mend racial wounds affecting body image and sexual wellness.

5. Love and Limerence: Learn science based solutions to boredom and indifference towards the partner you love.

6. Partners, Lovers and Friends: Ditch the discomfort and learn how to communicate your needs and boundaries with ease and grace.

7. Navigating Kink: Learn what kink is, why it is of interest to so many people and how to incorporate it into your sexual wellness routine if you choose to.

8. Orgasm Coaching Session: One on one guidance to eligible clients who desire to learn to connect with their body for enhanced pleasure.

9. The Arousal Diet: Aphrodisiacs, supplements and nutrition choices to optimize genital blood flow, improved desire and increase overal sexual function.